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    Default Scabby tail

    My gray companion pony came in earlier in the week with a small sore (not a cut) on the side of his tail, where it lays against his skin. I cleaned it out and put Vetricyn on it.

    I made sure it was clean for several days, but the sore is now healed where the tail meets his skin, but there is creeping sore on his tail. Its clean, and all the way at the top. It seems to be itchy as he appears to be rubbing it a little. At this point, the hair has fallen off a small patch, about the size of a half dollar, and the skin just looks angry and gooey (but not dirty).

    Any suggestions on what to treat with? Vetricyn does not seem to be helping. This seems like a bad spot of rain rot, or some other similar skin funk.

    Thoughts appreciated!

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    Try washing it every day (this is key) with head and shoulders or a medicated dandruff shampoo.

    I have had great success with this. It also works with horses who get that gunky sweat stuff on their faces.

    The main key is to make sure you shampoo daily until the condition is gone. After that you can do it as needed, just a few times a week.

    The medicated shampoo also helps with the itching etc too.

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    This is the time of year that knats begin attacking horses and other mammals. On a horse they especially go for the groin area and midline of the stomach. Because horses don't have hands to scratch their groins they will rub the bejeezes out of their butts/tails trying to scratch the itchy groins. I use Listerine Original (brown) as a great cheap mosquito and knat repellent. Try spraying the groin area daily, you can also do the tail, and see if it gets better.


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