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    Default Pad to raise cantle?

    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone recommends a certain pad to raise the cantle of the saddle? Horse had a dip in his back that causes the saddle to sink after mounting. I remember using these pads all the time when I was younger but I do not recall what they are called, so it's hard to search. Thanks so much!
    P.s. This isn't my saddle, so I can't to anything to the saddle itself

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    The only thing the government needs to solve all of its problems is a Council of Common Sense.

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    I like this one because it gets thicker more gradually:

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    Be careful when you raise the cantle... if the saddle is unlevel because the tree is too narrow, raising the rear won't fix it, and may create more of a problem (more pressure at the withers).
    Patience pays.

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    those lolipop pads aren't the greatest, they actually fill the channel and create pressure on the spine because there's no longer any clearance. Most of the proper riser wedges are formed to allow for spine clearance.

    Another option are the black Cashel pads. Of all the flat risers, they're my favourite. They're also easy to trim to add wither relief or to fit an extra narrow saddle. I have a couple different thicknesses in my tack box because I have an OLD passier that needs restuffing, but my horse isn't muscled to the point that it makes sense to have restuffed now only to turn around and redo it again in a few months. That saddle also fits anything I've put it on, so it's nice to be bale to swtch up how much cushion/shock absorbtion I need for whichever horse I use it on.

    another pad I have in my collection is this one: It comes with a pair of pillows that you can add to the pad via the velcro on the top spine seam, to fill any gaps. The cork granules compact and fill any spaces it needs to, and cork doesn't retain heat, dries quickly, and is naturally antimicrobial so it's safe to share between horses. It's quickly become my go-to pad, I actually prefer it to sheepskin half pads. The only catch is you really do need to check the girth after a few minutes of riding because the pad compresses and you end up with a loose girth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melissa.Hare.Jones View Post
    Be careful when you raise the cantle... if the saddle is unlevel because the tree is too narrow, raising the rear won't fix it, and may create more of a problem (more pressure at the withers).
    Second this!!! Last year I tried to solve a dashboarding problem for myself by putting a couple of the felt pads in the front of my mattes half pad. Made my horse super back sore in about two rides by driving the back of the saddle into the middle of his back.
    The balance point in a saddle can be a much more complex issue that we non-fitters can handle.

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