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    Default Ulcers/Cribbing Causing Poll Pain?

    I've never owned a cribber before (he sucks and grunts, but does not chew wood). He does not wear a collar because he primarily only pulls and sucks on his feed bucket when he is eating out of it. He is outside all day and doesn't crib out there.

    I've had him on pop rocks for the past 40 days, and there is a large improvement in his overall attitude towards life, and a decrease in the voracity with which he cribs.

    He is also significantly less head shy around his poll and ears, and has completely stopped shaking his head like there was something tickling his ears.

    He was so goofy about having his ears and top of his poll touched, a chiropractor couldn't even examine him to determine if there was something out of whack. (He has always been OK about getting the bridle on, though. Thank goodness.)

    Has anyone had ulcers cause poll pain, or would it likely have come from the cribbing? While I've spent every time I am at the barn working on petting his ears and getting him to not be a dork about his head, I was able to clip his bridle path a few days ago and last night brushed all around his head, touched his ears, patted his poll, etc. with hardly any disagreement. This happened all of a sudden.
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    Well, it sounds like the horse was cribbing because of ulcers, so in a roundabout way I suppose. I think it is the actual act of cribbing that is causing him poll discomfort.
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    Yes cribbing makes their head hurt, as do the collars. I smeared everything cribbable near my cribber with cribox, including EVERY SINGLE BIT OF FENCING in his paddock so he wouldn't crib and didn't have to wear a collar.

    Also, sore front feet makes them hurt there too.

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    I think cribbing against a collar can make their head hurt, not necessarily the cribbing itself. If he was cribbing out of discomfort over his stomach, it's very plausible it could all be related.

    TMJ/teeth problems can also cause head pain...
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