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    Sep. 24, 2010
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    Default I think my gelding is going through a heat cycle!

    At least I hope he's a gelding and not carrying some extra bits in places they shouldn't be!

    All week the mares at the boarding barn have been going into heat (2nd one this season for most). Bro has been on turnout board and can only see most over the fence with a lane in between, but 2 have been pastured right next to him during the day with a hotwire on the top board. Every day I've brought him in for the past week, I start to groom him and he drops, also when I untack him. Usually, he's the only one in the barn/aisle. I do put him in a stall for his "lunch" grain, but it's another gelding's he's turned out with.

    Now he's usually Mr. Grumpy Pants when I groom and saddle (treating for ulcers at the moment), so I can't imagine he's suddenly decided to enjoy the attention! He's the only horse I've seen stand with a droopy lower lip (drooling sometimes!) and also have his ears pinned in the crossties... Today I notice him in the stall eating his lunch and being one veerry happy boy. Ya, I know he's a horse and they do that, but the only mare near him was across the aisle and down a few stalls! We end up going for a nice hack with said mare and another gelding. Mare was being a bit of a pill and every time she squealed, Bro tried to scoot closer to her Even after she kicked at him when she needed to pass!!

    Boys! Anyone need a teaser gelding?

    At least I know I don't need to do sheath cleaning anytime soon.

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    Jan. 16, 2002
    West Coast of Michigan


    Why is all sexual behavior in horses assumed to be bad, and female? Sounds like he's just horny.
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    Apr. 28, 2013
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    my gelding (gelded as a late 8 year old, just turned 10 at the end of March) actually mounts (and has managed to penetrate) other geldings/stallions. Couldn't care less about mares, but we had to amp up the electric (and add an extra strand at "boy bits" height) on the fenceline between him and the resident gypsy stallion because the stud stands with his butt against the fence and my guy would mount him from over the fence!!

    Java did, however, grow up as the youngest/smallest of a group of 6-8 other intact (for no reason other than the owner being cheap) boys, and was likely subjected to the same behaviour. Because he's never really been with other horses, besides the ones he grew up with, his social skills are sorely lacking, so he and the stallion (along with two other horses who have different reasons for being in personal paddocks) have their own paddocks while most of the barn herd is out on 10 acres of pasture. I'd like to let him out with the herd, but the mounting and other stallionlike behaviour is just not safe with so many seniors out there!

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    Feb. 4, 2009


    My gelding drops almost every time I groom him and after I untack him. No big deal. He's in a gelding only turnout, not studdy at all, and never has been.

    I just figure it's a harmless quirk and ignore it. As long as he's concentrating on work while he's under saddle he can do whatever he wants with his penis the other 23 hours/day.

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