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    Default P2 fracture

    I'm trying to gather my thoughts and collect all my questions for the vet when she calls back later today or tomorrow.

    Learned yesterday that my young horse has a fracture of P2 in a front foot. I'm not sure how to distinguish a fracture from a chip, because on the radiographs it looked like a chip to me; it looked small and not displaced (to me). Vet seemed to think it was likely an avulsion fracture of one of the sesamoidean ligaments (will confirm this detail). It would have happened approx. 6 months ago. She didn't see any arthritis in the joint, most likely due to the 6 months of pen rest he's just had for a suspensory injury. As we said yesterday, whatever he did to that leg, he did it in a big way.

    She's going to consult with her colleague at the vet school and get more information about surgery, recovery etc. We will likely go ahead with surgery if there's a good chance the horse will be serviceably sound with management. If the best we can hope for is a post-surgical lawn ornament, then no.

    Any experience with this sort of thing? Good, bad, ugly, I'd rather hear it now than in 6 months.

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    My mare had the same injury in her left hind leg. Came in from night turn out on 3 legs. It was an avulsion fracture as well. She had surgery and 3 months stall rest, then 3 months of slow rehab after that, but came back 100% sound. There was alot of doom and gloom talk from the vets about this type of injury, but I am happy to say that my girl recovered just fine! I hope you have the same outcome!!

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    Just want to say how sorry I am and jingles for an uneventful recovery.
    “Let today be the day you stop being haunted by the ghosts from your past. What happened in the past is just one chapter in your story; don’t close the book, just turn the page.”

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