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    Jan. 16, 2003

    Default It's Crazy Critter Week on COTH! I've got a skunk in my barn.

    Howdy, critter control friends! So far this week, I've seen posts on weasels and rats. Today I noticed a skunk in my barn. He/she appears to burrowed in the hay storage area. Doesn't seem ill, and just ambled out of the way this morning when I came out to feed. They horses are "interested" in it. Heads up, ears pricked, and watching it intently. How do I humanely get it to move out? This is the first skunk I've had to deal with in the 25 years this barn's been in use. Thanks!
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    I had a skunk move into my barn the week before my wedding, back in 2009, which was to be held in said barn!

    Here is what we did to get rid of her (after consulting CoTH of course!): It seems skunks like peace and quiet, so we left the doors of the barn open, turned on all of the lights and played country music quite loudly all night.

    She couldn't take it and left sometime during the night and was never seen (or smelled) again.

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    We relocated a skunk with a HavaHeart trap, peanut butter, and a large tarp. Once the peanut butter bait caught the skunk, we carefully, slowly covered the trap with a large tarp and then picked it up for the relocation run. By moving slowly and quietly, we were able to get the trap into and out of the truck bed with no 'incidents' from the skunk.

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    I set my trap yesterday for the ground hogs. Got a possum this morning. EPM maker. They are so nasty looking.

    Skunks never get a "relocate". They are shot dead immediately at our place. I have caught plenty, and shot plenty. Pee you. I never used peanut butter. Too messy. That is ant candy. Got some great horned owls on duty, so the skunks have lessened quite a bit.

    I put a huge wheel barrow of dog and horse poop in the ground hog holes. Filler' up! And, I did.

    Your skunk will be back. They are nocturnal, so it will leave at night, but will be back in it's humble abode (your hay) come morning. IME if you lock it up and it wants out it will squirt! Go out at about 2 am, take the dog, and see if the dog can get the skunk to put out some "skunk warning farts" (my term) if you do not smell any, skunk is gone. Then get to work and make it so the skunk can NOT burrow back in there. They will leave poop, babies, etc in your barn. We have skunk proofed our barn finally.

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