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    Default RIP Kamikaze 2/29/88 to 4/28/2013

    Kamikaze, my female Indian Ringneck (IRN) passed away yesterday afternoon while we were out running errands. I'd like to share with ya'll the things she taught me over the years....

    1) NEVER give up! She would latch on with that beak and hang on till the cows came home. We called her a pit bull with a beak.

    2) Insist on the treatment you deserve. No peanuts in today's dinner? Protest loudly until that oversight is rectified!

    3) Personal hygiene means more than cleaning your house. Turning on the vacuum was guaranteed to get her batheing. You got a shower too, if you were within about 10 feet. That was your cue to take her to the real shower where she could bask in the warm spray.... housework be d@mned.

    4) Men can be lured in with sweet nothings, sometimes more than once! She adored men humans, any of them, and would coo and preen herself, say "Pretty, pretty" and generally act like she had loose morals.... till they got within reach when they got chomped. Hard.

    5) You will never convince "Poppa" that the washing machine and dryer are good nest hole choices. Sorry .... Dad was never gonna nest with you no matter how big the holes you find!

    6) Never trust a Nanday Conure. Just don't. Her entire life, she never met one she didn't run off, beak open and growling...

    7) Playing tag with a Shih Tzu can be damp. She would chase my friend's pup and nab her fur and pull... the Shih Tzu would chase her and slurp up her tail! She was always slobbery when we left for home.

    8) Kissing through cage bars is NOT a good idea. I'll have a scar the rest of my life and truly, was lucky to get away without a true lip piercing!

    9) How to hand feed baby IRNs. She had the sex, laid the eggs, sat on them for 3 weeks and hatched 'em out. She was NOT feeding those squirmy pink things thank you very much. "Mom" fed her and if it was good enough for her then it was good enough for these newbies. Mom had better find them quick and get with the feeding! She would continue to sit on them, but I had to hand feed every couple of hours. Of course she always wanted some formula too.

    There is no #10, she never taught me how to fill the hole that I now have in my life. She outlasted 4 moves and a husband; her own mate and at least one of her offspring. She was cranky, bitey, smart as could be and she was my baby girl.

    Godspeed Kama.
    HaHA! Made-est Thou Look!

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    Hugs and may there be eternal peanuts over the Bridge.

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    A wonderful tribute.

    Sounds like she had a very long and wonderful life w/ you.

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    hugs for you and jingles for your broken heart.

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    Its so hard to let them go.

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