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    Default Canine Adequan Dosage Question

    So I started my dog on adequan Friday. Is the dosage 2/week (like, every Tues/Friday), or should I do it every 4 days? My vet wasn't clear on this bc she doesn't prescribe the drug much - she pretty much did it because I asked her to. Anyone know?

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    My vet said twice a week. So I did it every 3.5 days. IE Mon am, thurs pm.
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    the label on the stuff says twice a week for 4 weeks, total of 8 injections. If you read the pharmacology, after injection it spreads to all parts of the body within about 20 minutes, and stays in the body for approximately 3 days. Higher doses were associated with adverse effects. So during the loading dose period you're trying to keep the dose in the body quite high, but not so high that you get side effects, for an entire month, so it can do this:

    PSGAG is characterized as a “disease modifying osteoarthritis drug”. Experiments
    conducted in vitro have shown PSGAG to inhibit certain catabolic enzymes which have increased activity in inflamed joints, and to enhance the activity of some anabolic enzymes. For
    example, PSGAG has been shown to significantly inhibit serine proteinases. Serine proteinases have been demonstrated to play a role in the Interleukinl
    mediated degradation of
    cartilage proteoglycans and collagen. PSGAG is reported to be an inhibitor of Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) synthesis. PGE2 has been shown to increase the loss of proteoglycan from
    cartilage. PSGAG has been reported to inhibit some catabolic enzymes such as elastase, stromelysin, metalloproteases, cathepsin B1, and hyaluronidases, which degrade collagen,
    proteoglycans, and hyaluronic acid in degenerative joint disease. Anabolic effects studied include ability to stimulate the synthesis of protein, collagen, proteoglycans, and hyaluronic
    acid in various cells and tissues in vitro. Cultured human and rabbit chondrocytes have shown increased synthesis of proteoglycan and hyaluronic acid in the presence of PSGAG.
    PSGAGs have shown a specific potentiating effect on hyaluronic acid synthesis by synovial membrane cells in vitro.

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