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    Default yellow discharge from mares udder, not pregnant.

    Mare at my barn with owners that are not very educated or willing to take care of horse. I feel Weird posting this as its not my horse, but looking for information if it is something very serious or not. The mare is definitely not pregnant, gained a little weight since arriving but still on the skinny side. No belly at all. A friend took pity and was grooming her, noticed an orange dot on the nipples, and a yellow runny discharge came out. There is no heat, no swelling, no odor. No soreness either. She has had babies in the past.

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    the owners should call the vet if they are worried
    but we have older broodmares and some will bags that never go down and can have white milk that can be squired out or some have a clear yellow fluid
    if the fluid is thick and cloudy the mare could have mastitis which can make her very sick
    when one of our mares got mastitis usually months after weaning they also rain a temperature

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