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    Jan. 8, 2007

    Default Bliss MF

    It seems as though the Balou du Ruet offspring are gaining populatity these days. There is something about Bliss MF that has captured my attention. Just curious what you guys think of himm and those of you that have bred to him,why was he your choice?

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    Aug. 10, 2011


    Equino-I'm also questioning same as you. Some very popular and nice new stallions by BDR, but it seems Bliss MF is marketed more as a hunter stallion, where the talented others are marketed more as jumper sires?

    I like lots about what I see, but same as you, would like to know more before I consider him. The jump pics look like what I want to put on a hunter, but I haven't seen him yet in person. Might be worth a visit.

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    Dec. 14, 2007
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    I loved everything about Bliss and bred him to my TB mare, looking to produce a foal destined for the hunter market. Having said that, Bliss is very much being aimed to the jumper ring and was tied at his inspection for jumping the highest through the jump chute.

    I know the intention is to have him go in the hunter ring as well, but he appears to be one of those versatile stallions that is soft and rideable enough to put in credible and winning hunter rounds as well as having the scope, talent and bravery to tackle the big jumps

    I loved my Bliss colt - loved everything about him. He was a really kind, agreeable colt with fabulous movement. He was sold just after weaning to a lady who will be aiming him for the jumper ring

    Good luck in your decision!

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    While we do not have a foal by him on the ground yet, we have chosen Bliss to breed to our mare Sketcher this year. We are breeding to hopefully make a hunter, however I could see him producing an upper level jumper out of the right mare also.
    I am impressed with the foals I have seen by him so far. We have a friend who had a colt by him last year that I have seen in person several times that I like a lot. He is very sweet and well put together. The colt that Prosperity Farms bred this year has blown me away. I love getting to see updates about him and he will be one to watch develop.
    While I haven't met him in person, I do know that Maggie has always made it available for visitors to come out and see her boys. If you are in the area I would defiantly suggest getting in touch with her.
    Good luck. I would love to see and hear more about the mares you are considering him for
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    I have a yearling gelding and a month old colt by Bliss, and I love both of them. Very correct, beautiful heads, charming personalities. He certainly has the breeding and scope to produce a jumper, but, depending on the mare, has the movement and temperment for the hunter ring as well. He's an exciting young stallion.

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    I am also breeding to Bliss MF this year, but my breeding goals are more to breed athleticism that can be transferred to any ring and I have no doubt that Bliss will produce that! I have met him in person several times as well as seeing him at the YHS show a few years ago. He is a gentleman in every sense of the word and boy can he jump! One of Maggie's favorite stories, and mine as well, is watching him jump a 4' oxer from a dead stand still and it was so effortless and beautiful I was shocked! He is being shown in the jumpers, but like I said is so versatile he could do anything.
    I also have a 2013 filly by Amazing out of the same mare I just bred to Bliss so I will be able to give a great comparison too. The Amazing filly has far exceeded my expectations, she is such a powerhouse and is such a beautiful mover!
    Keeping w/ the Balou theme, I bought a colt by Banderas as a foal last year. This year he has won all 3 hunter breeding shows he's gone to and is an INCREDIBLE animal, I am raising him as a stallion prospect. Crazy athleticism in this yearling.

    Thanks to an idea here on Coth, I am breeding my mare (Rapport/Franat) to Banderas after her Bliss colt next year in order to really give a fair comparison of what each stallion can produce. Based on this years Amazing filly, she crosses very well w/ the Balou line so I'm excited to see her Bliss baby.

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    Jul. 8, 2010


    I have a Hanoverian mare that is currently in foal to Bliss MF. I can not wait for next year! There are so many stallions out there and the decision can be very overwhelming sometimes. I live about 45 minutes from Marabet Farm and Maggie was more than delighted to show me her handsome boy. She welcomes visitors and loves showing people her lovely stallions and there offspring. Bliss defiantly stamps his foals very consistently. They all have excellent conformation, phenomenal movement, a sweet personality and they had a presence about them that I can not even describe. From that moment on the decision was a no brainer for me! Bliss has the sweetest personality and is a joy to be around. I watched him stand on the cross ties and fall asleep as mares were walking by as he was getting shod. He also needed no lunging or prep to be ridden. Bliss is very quiet and you can tell that he really loves his job and has a great work ethic. And you want to talk about SCOPE! The results from the 70 day stallion test show what he is really made of. Bliss MF Overall Reserve Champion of the 2012 NA 70-Day Stallion Testing. Scoring the highest overall score of 127.6, but having the 5% age deduction of 5.29 subtracted still gave Bliss MF a terrific score of 122.31, just shy of the winning score of 126.59 (no age deduction). Bliss MF was definitely the most well rounded stallion, finishing second (by.81) in jumping with a score of 124.23 (winning score was 125.04) and third in Dressage (by .31) with a score of 119.77 (second place was 120.08, first was 135.93 both with no age deduction). Equally as important were Bliss MF's interior scores: 9 for Character, 9 for Temperament, 9.5 for Willingness to Work, 9 for Constitution. His movement scores were 8 for trot, 9 for Gallop and, of course a 10 for Jump.

    Incredible athletic ability can only get you so far so for me the biggest difference for me is his mare line. Bliss's dam Ornellla is by the legendary Argentinus. Argentinus is well known for putting great minds on his offspring and Bliss's mother Ornella is extremely level headed and is a total pocket pony! So while Bliss's phenomenal scope will catch your eye its his phenomenal temperament that really wins the day for me.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bliss CC.jpg 
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Name:	Bliss-MF-Stallion-Test-Port.jpg 
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Name:	Bliss and Trapp 72.jpg 
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Name:	Bliss-MF-test-web.jpg 
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ID:	38140

    Hi All,
    I welcome anyone to come visit Bliss MF at my farm anytime. We love to have visitors and enjoy showing off the stallions! Please call ahead to be sure we are here but almost any time is fine.
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