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    Yes, Brian, thanks for your input. Great show, but it's like where I work, no matter how good a job I do, somehow they always want more! 8-)

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    There were definitely sound problems at some of the big complexes on cross country, as well. We were at the head of the lake at the very end and could not hear what was going on at all. Once we saw the fence judges leaving, we figured the last horse wasn't coming through. Also, at the sunken road - we could see the TV feed on the jumbo tron but could not hear a thing. I understand it can't be an easy job, and I appreciate Brian coming on here to explain some of the issues. However, I don't ever remember having these sound problems in the past and I have been attending every year since 1997.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcwertb View Post
    Brian you are a terrific announcer and I for one hope you get your chance to announce at Rolex

    Me too. I love the events that you announce. And WAY back were the only announcer in his entire eventing career who pronounce my horse's name correctly
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bensmom View Post
    Another vote for Flightcheck and Brian to do next year.

    Should we begin an email campaign, or do we think it will matter?
    Princess stalking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by riderboy View Post
    I've heard horses names mispronounced at shows, but this is Rolex and Sal Dali is not exactly Loughnatousa claddagh.
    FWIW, I can pronounce Loughnatousa's correctly... been doing it for a long time since they started in this area. LOL Can I throw my hat into the ring as part of the announcing crew?

    But, also FWIW, I have been known to announce how many rails they have in hand going into their ride to maintain their placing (back when events ran in the "proper" order)... basically announcing the math before and after. How is that bad? Or was it the specific timing of what Michael did?
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    It was the timing. He would say it when the horse was a couple of strides from the first fence.


    I do not know your style of announcing, but from all of the folks who do know you, it sounds like you would fit the bill much better than Giles or Mike.


    I would love to hear you announcing! You are the best.


    What is "Princess stalking"
    When in Doubt, let your horse do the Thinking!

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    I apologize for my misunderstanding of the hiring of Mike and take full responsibility for my error!
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    I really missed Nigel this year. I was sitting in the grandstand for the stadium and it was awful. The feed back during the rides and the vocal so loud it was annoying. When Brian was trying to talk about the course and they had the commercial music over shadowing him.
    The XC was not the same. I think the new guys were trying to be like Nigel, yes it was annoying when he talked about how much a rail was worth but he did not go on and on.
    I wonder if the powers that be care about how the spectators thought. It would be interesting if they put out a survey what the out come would be...
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    I was definitely disappointed in the announcing and sound system this year as compared to last year, and felt that it detracted from the overall experience.

    On cross country, there were a lot of dead spots and distortion/echoing, which didn't end up mattering that much because what I could hear of the comments weren't very helpful at all. A number of riders we were waiting to see simply disappeared, and others who retired or had a fall were mentioned so briefly as to raise more questions than were answered (for example, saying "there has been a fall" is pretty obnoxious if you aren't going to come back in a few minutes with an update that both horse and rider survived).

    I ended up trying not to listen during stadium for similar reasons. Every idiot knows that a rail is "costly". How about providing the more usual sort of comparison of points and rankings, instead?

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