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    Aug. 20, 2007

    Default movement scores vs total score

    Forgive my stupid question -- it's been years since I laid eyes on a dressage test.
    The numbers the judge gives for each movement are called "scores." So at the bottom of the test, when all your scores are put together and you get a final % number for that test, what is that score called? Is there a name for it to differentiate it from the movement scores? Is it a "total score" or "final score" or "test score" or what?
    Thank you!

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    Aug. 25, 2005


    Usually someone will say I got an 8 on that, or a 4 Where a 4 or an 8 as a test score would be horrifying enough for you to tell no one. Although, explaining why you are burning your breeches would be hard.
    Some riders change their horse, they change their saddle, they change their teacher; they never change themselves.

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    Aug. 20, 2007


    Thanks, but I don't mean in conversation. I mean officially. At the bottom of the test form, is there a name on the box where that % score is entered?

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    Nov. 7, 2002
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    Example of test sheet:

    At end of test, following collectives: "Total Points"

    On front of test sheet "Final Score" (both the count and percentage).

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    Aug. 20, 2007


    Thank you so much! I didn't realize I could view the tests online

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