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Hmm I seem to be vaguely remembering an interesting discussion a while back about using some kind of paint or whatever to get quarter marks on greys and I know there was a question if this was legal because of some rule stating something along the lines of "no artificial alterations" or something like that. Fake tails in eventing is news to me! Honestly, I thought eventers were above that vanity stuff. But then again, I don't even pull my horse's tail because I think its ridiculous.
Shoe polish is what I use for quartermarks on greys. As for fake tails they are quite common. I've used them, many bnt use them, and go through the barns in the morning and you may see someone flat ironing a fake that has crimped in its bag.

Eventing is not above vanity. Funniest thing I've heard all day. We have jogs in fancy outfits. We award best dressed and best turnout at major three days. We braid even though it is not required. We spend time to put quarter marks on that show off a horses hind end. We polish hooves before dressage. Brass and chrome is polished to a high shine. Tails are pulled or clipped to show off a muscled hind end. Tails are banged. If you didn't think this was a vanity sport then look around. I take pride in showing off a horse that looks its best. I have groomed for years and honestly nothing makes me prouder than standing by the ring and watching the horse I just worked hard on to look professional finish a good test or jump a nice round.

Quimbo is stunning and the whole spanish horse confused me. Good to know.