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    Sep. 13, 2002
    Pacific Northwest

    Default Tripod Sprinkler for Arena?

    Any suggestions on a good brand? I don't need to water my outdoor ring much, being in the PNW, but I will need something and my arena builder said to get a good tripod sprinkler. But I've been looking online and wasn't sure where I can find one that won't leak or fall over, so thought I'd ask here. We did buy one locally last summer that leaked like crazy so took it back, and all the ones at our local Home Depot seem cheap. I'm on a well, so don't have city water pressure, but it is enough to use my current lawn sprinkler to almost reach the full 80' wide I need (arena is 80x160), but it leaks too so I have this whole pan and bucket contraption to hold the water and carry it out...not fun.

    Wo would have thought it would hit 80 in April and I'd be thinking about watering my ring?! That's just crazy talk here...!!

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    Nov. 6, 2002
    Henrico, NC 36 30'50.49" N 77 50'17.47" W


    I don't think you will be able to put enough water on it to do any good with a yard sprinkler. It takes 13,000 plus gallons to put a half inch on an acre. Figure from there, and how many gallons per minute you are furnishing. I've seen 1200 gallons out of a truck put on a dusty ring, and in 5 minutes it was dusty again at the State Fairgrounds. It probably takes between a quarter and a half inch minimum to matter. Figure out how many gallons that is for your arena, and how long it will take a sprinkler to furnish that amount. I expect probably all night at least.

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    Jan. 4, 2007


    How wide is the area?

    Some add sprinklers to the arena fence, that spray in a 180 pattern, if you have enough pressure for those.
    Generally, they set them on times and they spray at night, as it takes several hours for them to water an arena, one zone at the time.

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    Jul. 24, 2006
    Seattle, WA


    Here in the NW I don't think we need to water like people do in other parts of the country. I've found a tripod sprinkler to be good enough for wetting down my arena off of my (mediocre) well water pressure. Now with that being said, I only need to get it wet enough to keep the dust down for 3-4 horses, so I'm not trying to keep the footing moist for the whole day.

    But I'd love to hear some suggestions on brands/types to try too. The one that I got last year worked great for the first couple of weeks and then started leaking like crazy. It was a tripod on "stilts" and sat about 6' high. My arena is 100 x 180 and I only had to set it in two spots to get the whole thing. There's got to be a type that lasts longer than 5-6 uses! I would love to arrange a sprinkler system around my rail, but that requires a lot more engineering than we have time to do at the moment.

    Where are you that you got to 80? We barely hit 70, but I sure have been loving the sunny weather!
    Forever exiled in the NW.

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    Nov. 24, 2002
    Northern KY

    Default Tripod sprinklers stink.

    On many levels. Even the good ones. So here is what I did. Buy one of those heavy duty sprinklers that have the three "spikes' to "step" into the ground. Cut off the spikes. Drill holes in the plate the sprinkler mechanism attaches to, and screw it to about a 1"x8"x8" piece of board. It won't tip over, it won't tilt and you can drag it from one end to the other easily. We tried the tripod ones and they leak and tip over in the wind. Not a fan. My husband had the thing done and working in about 20 minutes. That was about 6 years ago and I'm still using it. Works just fine in my 72x184 indoor and I only have to move it twice. Takes about an hour to get it wet enough to last a couple three days.

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    Sep. 13, 2002
    Pacific Northwest


    PNWJ has it right, we don't need to water like other areas of the country. Like this week, with a few warm days, sun, and wind, my footing was dried out enough on top to leave little dust clouds when I rode, but still quite moist underneath. So we had 0.1" of rain this morning and it was perfect! But there will be times in the summer that it will need some water and I'm trying to get prepared. I just don't see putting in a sprinkler system when the use would be so infrequent. Moving hose and sprinkler enough this summer, perhaps I'll change my tune!

    I'm down near Portland and we were right at 80 Friday. Supposed to be warmer next week...tonight's forecast of rain will do a nice job of watering the ring, I hope!

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    Nov. 1, 2005
    The Prairie


    I have this one:,33159&ap=1

    And have been very happy with it. I bought the base and sprinkler head together. It covers most of my 84x200 indoor arena in 6 "sittings" of 25 minutes each. It does not tip over very easily but mine is indoors, ymmv.

    We have pretty decent water pressure though (well).

    It is not completely leak proof but not enough that I worry about it.
    I love cooking with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.

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