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    Sep. 29, 2009


    I saw one a day or so ago. Set my trap. Didn't catch anything. Then I saw mrs fox out with her kits, I freaked and put the trap away. Then today, I saw 3-4 small groundhogs, so I went right away and got my trap and set it up again. If I catch a kit then I will let it go right away. Doubt it. WISH mr fox would catch one for supper.

    I caught a small one last year same area. I took it and let it go near a stream 10 miles away from my place.

    If you put cat poo in the hole, they will just move and dig else where.

    I am using frozen strawberries, I unthawed them. Can also use honey dew melon. Today I have FRESH strawberries. I put 2-3 in the cage, rubbed the strawberries on the cage, and after 1/2 a day with no luck I put a strawberry out in front of the cage. Some say they are easy to catch, but I think it takes time. Few days. I did see one out and about but it was ignorning my bait. Maybe they are like rats/mice and they have to get used to the cage. It took forever to catch the fox squirrel. I keep checking the trap. As soon as somebody goes in and pops the trap shut I will get it and take it to the other place to release.

    I do not release everything I catch. Rabbits, yes, squirrels yes (but the one I caught was dead), and ground hogs I let loose.

    Where can I get a weasel! After reading the weasel thread, I thought those 'hogs were weasels. But, sigh, not so. WISH. I would also take a Sydney Weasley too!!

    Maybe that is why I see mr fox in that area frequently! He does have a family to feed.

    Yes, no 'hogs for us. I do not want to have a horse break a leg, or me fall in the holes with the tractor and AGAIN get whip lash from the holes, and break my bush hog pin, again.

    Maybe I can do as last time put dog doo in the holes, and they would be ousted out and into my trap! Hmmm.

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    Have you heard the term "whistle pigs"? If you see one in
    the field you whistle and they stand straight up. That's when you shoot them!

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    If there are no pets in Heaven then I want to go where they went !!!
    RIP Maybe June 13, 1993-Sept. 23, 2006,Dexter March 11, 1983-Sept. 23, 2009, Joey 1997?- June 21, 2012

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    trapping and relocating wildlife is illegal in most places. It's more humane to quickly kill them. The usual outcome of relocating a wild animal is a slow lingering death. Consider that when young marmots leave their mothers and try to find a new territory of their own an estimated 70 to 80% don't survive being hole-less during this period of time. Marmots are also territorial- if you dump your hog in a place where another marmot lives, there will be a nasty fight. Also consider a major cause of death of marmots is failing to survive the winter hibernation due to insufficient fat stores- if your relocated marmot spends several weeks doing unexpected running, fighting, digging, and looking for new food sources, he'll probably hit winter with insufficient fat stores and die.

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    If there is only one I would trap it and then get rid of it in the manner in which you choose....
    Delaware Park Canter Volunteer

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