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    Default Some Asses Visit the Hospital

    And get on the elevator!
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    Somehow, that just doesn't seem like such a good idea to me.

    When we did our therapy visits with our dogs, we were only on certain restricted parts of the hospital, not in the main hospital like there, where there were patients in the aisles and other going on, as it seems they are in that video.
    Dogs were bathed right before and wore a T-shirt.

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    Hee hee hee!
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    Don't therapy equines usually get sneakers so they can walk on the floor?

    My friend is in hospital recovering from some major surgery right now. Her first text to me after she came to: I am alive & want Peter

    Peter is her cat. It must stink to be stuck in bed & not even be able to get in some quality cat snuggling time.

    I have thought that if I was terminally ill & stuck in hospital I would ask someone to trailer in my horse so I could at least see her out the window.

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    The lighter colored one looked very uncomfortable walking on those slick floors. Didn't look like a good idea to me either....
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