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    Jun. 15, 2010

    Default Eek!!! Eye Ulcer?!?!

    My animals never cease to stress me out. I am 80% sure Dexter has an eye ulcer (vet will be phoned at 8:01 tomorrow morning) so I am stressing and fact gathering between now and then.

    Almost exactly 14 days ago he laid in a fire ant pile at a show. He was immediately given a benadryl and the next morning was 100% normal except his right eye was totally swollen shut. An ophthalmologist was there doing CERF exams so I rushed him over and the Vet said that the eye looked great and we came away with the conclusion that the swelling was from a bite near the eye. The swelling was almost totally gone by the next day and the eye re-checked clear.

    Since then he has been totally normal. Tonight my sister had her face up against Dexters face and asked the dreaded "how long has he had that?" So we shine a light on the eye and there is very clearly a small hazy area on the eye. I clean eye boogies twice a day and he is constantly in my face so I have no idea how I didn't see it before.

    For horses I know that they give an anti inflammatory, pain medication, and cyclosporine if they think it could be fungal/auto-immune. Since he is not in pain and there is no swelling, is there anything they can give him?

    I know all of my questions will be answered in 8 hours but I cannot help but fret.

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    Triple antibiotic ophthalmic ointment is a common treatment

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    If the ulcer has already healed over on the top-most layer, there really isn't much more to be done. The eye will continue to heal inwards, but the vet may have you put triple antibiotic eye ointment in several times a day. Exposure to sunlight is also typically limited.
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