I'm looking for a thoroughbred mare that my uncle Wayne boarded at my grandparents farm when I was a kid. Between 1993 to 1995.I know this is such a long shot to find her now all these years later but I have always remembered her and hoped to know that she ended up in a safe place and not on some horrible truck to Mexico. She's probably passed away now but if she's still alive she would be in mid 20's to early 30's. Her name was Getchies Last Moon I have no idea if that is how it was spelled. She was tall Maybe 16 to 16.5 hands. I remember her being black but may have been really really dark brown with one white foot on the back with a sock that went up 2 inches or so with little black dots by her hoof. My uncle was not a very nice guy he took her to be bred, when she came back she had little white dots all over her butt. Probably caused by a cattle prod. She might have eventually lost them though. Also if this may jog someones memory when my uncle took her he was driving an old red/ rust colored flat bed semi truck with a camper on the bed pulling a white 3-4 horse trailer he was coming from California. If anyone remembers her or has any info please please let me know even if you saw her in some auction yard I just want to know what happened to her. You can email or call (775)-313-2911 if I don't answer please leave a message.