Hi. My name is Lindsay. I don't know if any of you have heard of the Bastrop Complex Fire. I lived in Paige, Texas and I lost my house. I had three horses and two goats. The horse I am looking for is female. She should be around 15-20 years old around 14.2 hh with a sloping back. She is 3/4 Arabian and 1/4 quarter horse. She is bay with a black mane and tail with four black stocking. On her head she has a comet like blaze (hence the name I gave her-Comet) shooting up. The tips of her ears are black and doesn't like to be touched there. She was a rescue PMU mare from Canada. I adopted her from a lady when I moved to Paige, Texas. I had her for about 5 years until the Bastrop, Texas Complex Fire. She escaped and was caught, then was sent to Elgin,Texas- where most of the horses in the fire were being treated an kept until the owner can pick them up. I couldn't afford to pay for her food so I had to leave her with her 2 year old son Chico. I am only trying to find out if she is ok.