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    Nov. 3, 2003

    Default Update to the shockwave/mesotherapy thread. Got the bone scan!

    About 2 weeks ago I posted asking about whether SW therapy and mesotherapy helped horses with back issues when other treatments hadn't worked. Thanks for the posts--they were helpful.

    However, I ended up getting another vet to do an evaluation on my horse and he recommended the bone scan. It was yesterday and today I have my answer! The bone scan told us that she doesn't have any problems in the spine (no kissing spines) and other arthritic changes or fractures. It did identify some areas on the right side of the sacroiliac that were inflamed. The bone scan targeted where to do an ultrasound. With U/S He found an old ligament injury that didn't heal properly and a mass of scar tissue where healthy ligament fibers should be. This injury might have happened as long as 3 years ago--but it got aggravated, inflamed, and more painful for her over the past year. He said it is the equine equivalent of "tennis elbow".

    So--the prognosis is really good for healing, but it's going to take 6 months (2 months on stall rest--UGH). Just wish I had done this a LOT earlier. The bone scan was a really easy procedure (I'm lucky because I am 20 minutes from a great university vet hospital). The hardest part was paying for it! That being said, I definitely paid for at least 1-2 bone scans between all the failed treatments we tried before this (ulcer meds, regumate, back & SI injections, hock injections . . . . ).

    So, no doubt, I will soon be posting threads about how to survive stall rest and deal with hooligan behavior while hand walking!

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    Jul. 25, 2007


    That's so interesting! I'm glad you had a conclusive finding...several people I know did the bone scan and were left with only more grey areas.

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    Jul. 5, 2010


    That's great news, I hope the stall rest goes well! I am going through this right now with my mare and we are doing the bone scan next month. I have heard many people get inconclusive results though.

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