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    Don't feed the troll. If a poster can't use the search function or just needs to throw a dirty bomb - ignore 'em.

    She is too cute - love, love the ears. Thanks for an update.
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    She isn't cute, she's beautiful! I see class overriding the stripper mystique
    "Everyone will start to cheer, when you put on your sailin shoes"-Lowell George

    What's the status on Tuco?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEEDS A NAP View Post
    Bes Horses asked the same question on the April 11 thread concerning the birth of Kissy Kiss' foal. In basically the same words.
    Well, yes, I asked the exact same question before and no one answered me then so I still had no idea why this horse/foal is eventing related! I'm not a troll, I just wondered why there are so many threads about this horse/foal in the eventing forum. It wouldn't have stood out to me in the sport horse breeding forum...
    I don't really see the reason others feel the need to be "blessing my heart" since I asked a simple question. sheesh

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    BestHorses, questioning the relevancy of Misty and her dam to eventing, gently put, makes no sense. To be frank, it appears to be on par with questioning the relevancy to eventing of Thoroughbreds, CANTER and TB rescues, high-quality purpose breeding, the role of dedicated and brilliant breeders/owners, and the future and role of FEH/YEH, as well as how each of these contributes to eventing.

    Would you like this thread to have more eventing-related objective points? Ok. J. Michael Plumb, who represented the USA for eventing, ADORES Misty and Kiss. He believes Misty will be a lovely eventer. Kinda cool.

    I'm likely just defensive because this little filly means the absolute world to me. Misty is truly a beautiful angel for whom we've waited eleven long months. She is the first foal born at Glenbaer, which has been a dream since Andrew and I bought the farm in 2005. Misty is nothing short of a dream come true for JER, for Kiss, for me, for everyone who meets her. She is a gentle, precocious, sensitive, healing spirit, a renewal of energy and happiness.

    So how is this eventing-related? This little girl is the future of the sport, and represents so much love, passion, spirit, dedication, and dreams. It has been an incredible, beautiful, remarkable eleven months, but not without challenges and the ebb-and-flow of life. It has certainly been an adventure, but with this little one on my farm, I've been reinspired to try even harder, to keep striving and learning and growing.

    This is what eventing is about, isn't it?
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    Well said, G. Forums have a long history of supporting offspring of eventers, future eventers, and even gratuitous cute baby horse photos. Figure we are 3for 3 on this thread. Plus, that face is precious, so I vote for application of the cuteness exception.

    Otherwise, to make this "strictly" eventing, Robby, after we both retire, let's figure out how to co-sponsor a line of upper level horses all with stripper names

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    Classy strippers make serious coin. IJS. And God knows I love me some pole dancing.
    When blood is the beverage of choice, the sharpest fangs feed first.

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    I know a number of lovely eventing mares w/ big ears. God what a sweet filly.

    And what could be better or more relevant for eventing than breeding in durable ex-racers?
    I tolerate all kinds of animal idiosyncrasies.
    I've found that I don't tolerate people idiosyncrasies as well. - Casey09

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