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    Default Saddle Fit Q - Wither Gussets When You Don't Need Them??

    Quick fit question, I hope. I'll contact my local person too, but they are not...well...not always quick to respond. Say you find the exact perfect tree size, seat size, panel configuration (other than the WG), etc. for you and your horse but it has WITHER GUSSETS. Can the fitter just unstuff them and have it work? I'm talking very small ones -- like I had to really examine the photos to see that they were there. I've ran into a few saddles like this and wondered, so asking as not one of my current herd is a wither gusset kind of guy.

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    According to the fitter that I just bought my Black Country from....yes. Its just a matter of unstuffing them and stitching them closed. She says for that reason she always orders her saddles with them so that they can be reinflated if you need them down the road (or at least the stitching undone and flocking put back in).

    My mare is borderline, but she had Black Country add full wither gussets. If my princess hates them...then she can fix it easily enough.

    With that said, I'm curious what the other people say since I've wondered the same thing.

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