(Cross posted from Off Course)

Not for me, but for a dear relative of mine. He recently moved to Ohio and his horse, who is used to having 12 hours of daily turnout, is now getting 1 hour of daily turnout.

He rides Western but he's a good egg, as is his horse. He's happy to share with other open-minded disciplines like trail riders, foxhunters, eventers, etc. He's not a good match for a dressage or hunter/jumper barn, or a Western show barn, since he'd be a magnet for trouble: he's tall, smart, funny, charismatic, successful, and has a beautiful and charming wife.

Wish list, in this order:
--good hay/feed and care
--lots of turnout
--close to Avon Lake

Everything else is flexible. If he found a backyard facility or rental paddock that met these criteria, he'd take it. If the facility also happened to have an arena or two, a tack room, and not be super duper busy, that would be a plus. Access to trails would be nice, but if there's trailer parking then he can live without trails. I'm sure he's prepared to pay more to get more.

Feel free to PM if you prefer.