A friend/client is shipping a foxhunter from her place north of Colorado Springs, Colorado (Monument, near Fort Carson), to Virginia, starting out on Sunday April 28.
She has one horse on a 3 horse slant (that can convert into 1 or 2 stalls for more wiggle room.)
Room for more!
Horse hitchhikers or human cargo. (Or cargo-cargo for that matter!)
She has a big new crew cab and the trailer has a tack room so plenty of room for people and ‘stuff’ as well as 1 or 2 more horses.
Either direction – eastbound or westbound.
She plans to leave Monument midday on Sunday April 28 (with a friend/second driver.) Plans to drive to a friend’s house near Kansas City, Kansas and spend the night (its about 9 hours from Colo. to Ks.) The friend has stalls/paddock for the horse/s to rest.
She plans to get up early Monday and drive to Charlottesville (dropping off a hunting beagle) and spend the night there Monday night. (Alternatively, she’ll stop a second time, perhaps Lexington, Ky. and arrive Tuesday afternoon to Charlottesville.)
She will then travel to my place near Warrenton, Virginia on Tuesday midday. (Or Wednesday.)
The plans call for she and her travel companion to head back west on Sunday May 5. They’ll do the trip home in 2 or 3 legs, as required.
Her planned route is I70 east to I64 east to Charlottesville, then US 29 to Warrenton and to my place. But depending on who/what she can pick up along the way, that route can vary somewhat as needed.
Any horses heading further north from here could be picked up at my place, or I can possibly deliver them to you as needed.
The Colorado friend, is offering a lift to anyone needing something moved eastbound or westbound for shared fuel cost and toll money.
Please feel free to pass this along, and contact her through me – BetsyP@crosslink.net or (540) 364-2929.