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    Default Dr. Heather Farmer

    I would like to address the original question asking if anyone has done business with Dorian and Heather Farmer. I have for the past 8 months as I am new to the area and needed a vet. I found her information online and called. She came out once, did shots and coggins... very nice, professional and caring. Second time, my horse's eye was inflamed. She came out within 1 hour, examined him, gave him meds and some ointment for daily care. Again, she and her assistant were very nice, professional and cured my horse's eye issue. Next, my horse was sore after competition. Dr. Farmer offered 3 options. She addressed financial and health outcome for each route. Outcome, I had his hocks injected. She and her assistant took very good care of my horse and today he's doing beautifully.

    If you have ANY CONCERNS, ASK HER. She is very approachable and kind. I asked her about her background, and she openly offered and shared with me about the law suit that is discussed in this forum. Unfortunately, in my opinion, suing seems to be the norm in today's society. Dr. Farmer was pregnant at the time she was released from her job, and it's not my place to discuss her lawsuit any further, so I suggest you call her. I'm sure she'll answer whatever questions you may have because she did just that for me after she offered the incident as part of her history.

    So, mud slinging is not right, and NO ONE likes it done to them. If you are looking for a smart, competent and caring vet, I highly recommend Dr. Heather Farmer. Her husband Dorian does the billing, and he is always funny, outgoing and kind.

    Nice people and I'm glad Dr. Farmer is my vet. I firmly believe my horse is always in good hands.

    Quote Originally Posted by Valentina_32926 View Post
    In link posted above iconicbayequestrian (Orlando Fl) satets that his wife is the vet (probably the Heather HEIDERICH, DVM the OP was asking about).

    In another Googled link on "Heather HEIDERICH, DVM Florida" I came up with this "FEVS formally terminated Dr. Farmer's employment by letter dated July 1, 2010.", where FEV is Florida Equine Veterinary Services of Clermont Fl.

    So sounds (to me, but I am NOT a lawyer)like FEV fired Heather then came back after her in March 2012 since she violated the terms of her (previous) employment agreement which had a 1 year non-compete agreement in it. It also sound like she took some of her previous clients from FEV - which although not ethical might say she is a good vet, at least she apparently made some people happy with the services she rendered. Uncertain of final outcome (provided link so you can read for yourself) but sounds like one court sided with Heather, while another court sided with FEV.

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    This may help we have some friends who were burned hard by this guy every feed store and equine store in lake county know this snake, and dont believe for one minute just because he has children doesnt make him a snake, i believe charles manson has a daughter doesnt he? Look at this link
    Run as far as you can from this guy and as for his poor helpless wife she signed a non compete and stole the companies clients that she worked for, she got fired for stealing the company clients , he used to own a hay business and owes everyone in florida money, proceed at your own risk

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    Sam you met this guy for a horse meet do not trust him this guy has ripped off so many people he is sickening, thats how he operates acts all nicey nicey then when your not looking , wham!!! You get busted up the side of the head

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    Really? You felt the need to bring this thread back to life? Leave Dorian and his wife alone please.
    Samantha Werner

    There is something about riding down the street on a prancing horse that makes you feel like something, even when you ain't a thing. ~ Will Rogers

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