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    Question Favourite grazing muzzle? For big headed boy...

    Need to purchase a grazing muzzle for my warmblood and looking for suggestions on which brand.


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    I've been through a few... A no name with attached halter (she got it off in about 30 seconds...) a 'horse' sized cribbing muzzle (metal bottom) with the rubber disc added to restrict grazing. Rubbed her like crazy, even though it didn't look tight and she wears a cob halter. Just bought the XL Best Friends muzzle that attaches to her halter (not the all in one). It's doing much better because we can keep the halter the right (cob) size but the diameter of the muzzle is bigger. I'm not sure how it'll hold up, as she likes to 'enlarge' the hole in the rubber piece, but I got it from Dover, so if she tears it up too fast, they'll let me exchange it!
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    I have tried those that you attach to the halter,they didn't stay. Finally tried the Best Friends all in one. Success. However I too have a hole enlarger.

    I find that those that have the really close fit, rub the least.
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    My percheron wears a draft size best friend all in one model. This is his 3rd season with it. You need to order the draft size directly from them, no one I know of carries them so I think they might be special order.

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