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    Default Doggie PJ's - Pit Sized

    My sweet pit mix gets cold. Every night I cover her with a large bathrobe and every night she gets uncovered and expects me to cover her. I've been trained Getting up between 1-4x a night is tiring and she needs some clothes. She's not necessarily really cold, but she likes to be smothered in her bathrobe or likes to wear a shirt.

    She had a boys XS sweatshirt from Target that worked pretty well, but was tight over the shoulders. The neck opening has gotten so stretched out that she squirms out of it at night and it isn't really safe for her to wear. T-shirts are also too tight over the shoulders and get stretched out quickly. I need something built for a dog. Something that isn't foo-foo frilly, and not fleece (makes for an itchy bum ).

    Anyone have a good resource for relativily cheap dog clothes that don't have velcro (gets stuck), aren't fleece (see above) and will work as comfy pj's? Oh, and comes built for a 40ish pound pit?

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    Well, I Googled "dog blanket" and got a ton of results. Try Smart Pack, Valley Vet, Dover, Equine Collection... that should get you started...

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    no velcro, no fleece, Pit-sizes, under $15

    Waffle Knit Hoodies

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