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    Default Anyone riding a flat-backed horse in a Prestige Eventer?

    I've got a darling little pony to trail ride and just play on xc - and of course my OTTB's (wide shouldered and very muscled topline) saddles are too wide and somehow just don't suit the little guy. I've heard folks say they ride EVERYTHING in the Eventer and I've also heard that the saddles are too banana shaped for flat backed horses. Any insights to share? Pony is somewhere between a medium and a medium narrow right now but will obviously change with more work. THANKS!!!!!
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    IMO banana shaped panels fit everything.
    It's the wide weight bearing panels that give the short backed or croup high horses issues.
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    This probably doesn't help much, but I ride a 16 hand TB and a 14 hand pony in my prestige eventer. Fits them both well. TB has a fleece pad, pony doesn't.
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