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    Jan. 14, 2006
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    Default Dog people vs cat people

    I'm on Okcupid, and since I'm having no luck in the dating department, I tend to think of it more as a social experiment (Hey, whatever makes me feel better, right?)

    Anyway, I like comparing my answers with others, and typically I find the "are you a cat person or dog person" answer very unsurprising based on what I read up until then. Not all the time, but mostly.

    I'm a dog person, hands down. Most of my friends are dog people or dog people who also like cats, but I can't think of any real "cat people." And I tend to be more attracted to "dog people" on OKC even before I know what they "are."

    I'm sure the good people of COTH have some stories that relate to this subject...

    Or maybe it's late and I schooled naughty horses all day and I'm rambling. I don't know...

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    Dec. 31, 2009
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    What are the ways you can tell if a person is a dog or cat person? Before they say it obviously LOL!
    I LOVE my Chickens!

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    Aug. 12, 2010


    I love dogs and cats, but if I had to choose one it would be dogs. I'm wondering what that says about me?

    The only thing I can think of, based on people I know, is that big dog people tend to be more outdoorsy and active than cat people or tiny dog people...whether out of preference (they get a big dog for companionship in their activities) or necessity (big dog needs exercise or he will eat their couch), I don't know.

    My ex is a total cat person (doesn't even like dogs) though, and he spends all his free time kayaking, so even that theory has holes in it.

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    Jul. 11, 2004


    I've usually had a dog and cat. Nowadays, I have 3 cats (Siamese, Havanna Brown and long-haired barn rescue). My dog of 14 years (Boxer female) was put to sleep 3 years ago and I haven't replaced her. Why? Her bladder. With the cats, if I'm not home, they've got a litter box. I don't have to run home after work because "Katie's gotta' pee". The cats sleep and keep each other company, a dog wants my company. I'll admit, as much as I love dogs, I'd feel guilty wanting to go do stuff at the barn and the dog would be ignored (and they need more than an hour or two of time a day.

    So, cats are easier and don't require the time a dog does. I do miss having a dog though.
    "Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc"

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    Jan. 27, 2003


    Love them both and would say I'm a dog person. However, I own a cat and really enjoy the perks of cat ownership. I tell ya, not have to wander through the yard to pick up poop is a huge benefit.

    If I had to say what kind of a person I am? Well, that would be a cat: Very independent and a bit picky about who I like.
    Keith: "Now...let's do something normal fathers and daughters do."
    Veronica: "Buy me a pony?"

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    Well I am definitely a dog person and my SO is definitely a cat person. We compromise and I have my dog and he has his cat. I do love the cat, but my dog is definitely the favorite child. Shhhhhh don't tell anyone

    FWIW I met him on OK Cupid. Don't give up hope
    **Friend of bar.ka**

    Fils Du Reverdy (Revy)- 1993 Selle Francais Gelding
    My equine soulmate

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    I have always hated this dichotomy. You are either an animal person or you are not.

    I find that most males who feel the need to describe themselves as a dog person have masculinity issues. I have also found that most ppl claim to be dog people, but I don't think they are. I think this means that they are not an animal person. Present company excepted, of course, since you are on COTH I know you are an animal peeps

    I have cats, not dogs, but grew up with almost every domestic (and some non). I am too lazy for a dog.

    ETA: if I found potential mate who had cats, we might have cat integration issues. I would rather just have someone move mine into the center of their universe

    My two best friends (couple) haven't moved in together b/c btn the two of them there would be a 5 cats and they don't get along (the cats, that is).

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    The difference between Dogs and cats - really funny!
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    Jul. 6, 2010


    Personally I am a cat person. We have two cats and a dog, and while I love our dog to death (a cavalier), she is just so much work! We don't have a fenced in backyard (probably our biggest problem), so when she has to use the bathroom, then a 10-30 min walk accompanies that. We also have to rush home to let her out, and when people come over, she is in their face, whether they like it or not (though, she's so adorable, most don't mind ). However, our cats are so easy--they both have great personalities and will follow you around, sit next to you, sleep next to me, etc. And they keep each other company so we don't have to worry if we want to go out to eat after work or run errands, etc. But all in all, I'm an animal person, and really love all animals..

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    I like both, but I haven't had a dog since I was a kid. Too much commitment! With two horses to take care of, I can't imagine having to deal with a dog. Love my kitties though!
    Delaware Park Canter Volunteer

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