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    Nov. 17, 2011

    Default Fostering dog - a new adventure!

    On Saturday we will be meeting our new foster dog. I am working with the rescue that saved my now adopted brindle Boxer mix (THE love of my life.. best dog ever!)

    Wanting to give back to this organization that brought me to the dog we adopted, we have been considering fostering for some time. I noticed a FB post of a beautiful fawn Boxer mix female in need of a foster, by the name "Zuri." Ironically, Zuri is the name of my horse Everything seems to be falling into place for this foster to work out. I've spent a few hours on the phone with the coordinator, answering questions and learning about the fostering process.

    Hopefully on Saturday my boxer will accept the new girl during the meeting so this foster can work out. Knowing that without the generous woman who saved and fostered my adopted dog, I would have never had the opportunity to let her change my life in such a dramatic and positive way. I can only hope to be a small part of finding that home for this girl.

    Anyone who has fostered before care to share any helpful tips?

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    Jun. 30, 2006
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    Quote Originally Posted by Senszuri View Post
    Anyone who has fostered before care to share any helpful tips?
    I'm not an experienced foster, because I've only fostered one dog. The cutie pie is now a permanent part of my family because it was apparent he and I were a great fit. I wasn't even looking for a dog!

    I admire anyone who takes on a foster pet and knows when to let the critter move on to a new family.

    Wishing you the best of everything on your new adventure. Have fun!
    Proud owner of a Slaughter-Bound TB from a feedlot, and her surprise baby...!

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