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I figured reading comprehension wasn't your strongest suit.

It's quite possible he didn't read all the rules. Not everyone does. The BHA Rules of Racing is a 100+ pages. There is one reference to Anabolics buried in there.
Anabolics are standard the world over. They are not allowed on raceday anywhere (now that the US has come in line and outlawed them), but they are allowed everywhere outside of raceday.... with just two exceptions, IRE and GB.

Several of the Aussie trainers interviewed recently had no idea that there was an across the board AS prohibition in GB, and these are guys who had sent horses to Royal Ascot. They knew it wasn't supposed to be in the system on raceday, but had no idea you couldn't use it up to the withdrawal time. Lucky for them their withdrawal time coincided with the time they shipped.

Go ahead and believe he is an evil fucker if you want.
I'm inclined to think he made a monumental fuck-up and he's paying the price.

It really is not about missing an obscure rule buried in a 100 page rule book. *Everyone* knows the UK doesn't allow steroids. Of course Al Zarooni knew.