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    Jun. 23, 2010


    Betsyk & columbus, she's an actual pony. A large pony, 14.1 and built like a horse, but an actual pony, so putting on weight is a concern. She drifts between a 5 and a 6 on the body condition scale, and even with the advent of summer my schedule only allows me to put in 1-1.5 Hours a day in the saddle, sometimes 2 hours on a weekend, so she's not exactly in heavy work.
    I've spoken with my vet and he suggested gradually increasing the amount of hay I offer and watching her weight. i will also get a hay net. She did well with the cargo nets I used in the past, it slowed her down a bit. She is definitely a hay hoover!

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    Apr. 15, 2010


    Ditto the cinchchix. I have one of their nets for each of my kids. Ditto that sometimes they don't slow down. I'm free feeding the baby* orchard right now. He eats constantly and when he runs out he gets into all kind of trouble from being bored and not having food.

    That said, they also get fat on it. My mare is free feeding bermuda and I give her a flake or two of orchard to keep it moving through. She's slower on the bermuda because it's not as sweet. When they were both free feeding orchard, they ate a whole bale every other day.

    Also, when you're free feeding, you're gonna have lots more poop to clean up. lol

    When mine get too chubby, I put them back on twice a day until they lose some. Mine actually start off slower when they switch to free feed, not sure if their stomachs shrink or what, but after they get going, they just keep munching all day.

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