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    Default Using a Mini Fly Sheet to cover up a lick granuloma on a knee? Anyone ever tried it?

    My shepherd has a lick granuloma on his knee. He's figured out how to rip plastic e-collars and the other available e-collar options don't stop him. I tried putting a sweatshirt on him (rear legs through the arms) He tollerated it well but they just don't stay up. I was thinking of modifying a mimi fly sheet. The front chest strap and the surcingles should keep it on him and I could add material to cover the knee. Sound like it might work?

    Anyone have any other suggestions for protecting the knee on a shepherd?

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    On a first read through, I thought you were talking about a front leg--something like this works great--but now I see you're talking about a hind. How about this?

    I used mini fly sheets for my dogs when WNV first came through and they just did not fit very well. If you want to try that route, I'd start with a blanket specifically designed for a dog, not a horse. You can find them without fill, so you're not adding warmth.

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    What about dog pyjamas?


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    What are you using topically? I have had good success with Synotic (yes the ear med) with 1cc of Banamine added to the bottle. It helps with healing and decreases the inflammation which can help keep them from wanting to lick it as much.
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    Rosie had surgery to remove a growth from her stifle. She was obsessive about licking it. Even after the stitches were out. She was really really persistant about licking that spot.

    We had to keep her in a "cone" for months until it totally healed.

    We actually used a flower pot. It was one of the black ones that come with new bushes or plants with the drainage holes. DH cut a hole in the base big enough to slip over her head. The cut edges were covered with duct tape. He then put zip strips through the drainage holes and left them as loops. We ran her collar through the loops. Since it was black and she was in it for so long we eventuall cut round holes in the sides for extra light. We used a round hole cutter that goes on a drill.

    Rosie figured out how to use the steps and use the dog door. We had to get a different water bowl so the bucket would fit over the bowl.

    We called her buckethead for a long time.

    Her bucket then went into storage when it wasn't needed. My neighbors dog used it after his two surgeries. He used it for a total of about 1 1/2 months or so. He would run around the yard with no problems with it.

    Since the sides are straighter and longer than a more sateillite dish style it is less obtrustive. It does not bend as well as those so they are less likely to bend it to get to the spot.

    My vet loved it.

    If the fly sheet doesn't work maybe you can make your own bucket head dog collar. The pots come in lots of sizes.
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    Dec. 18, 2002
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    Thanks guys. I bought the dog sheet, added leg straps and was able to safety pin a sweat shirt arm to the sheet to cover the knee. He also had surgery yesterday. They found that he was having irritation along the subquetaneous sutures that were placed 3 months ago when he had a TPLO done. Hopefully since the source of the irritation have been removed we should be in the home stretch! Thanks again for all the suggestions.

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