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    Jan. 5, 2013


    To jump on the bandwagon, but with a success story, I bred my beloved RIDSH mare last year for her first (and my first) at age 11, she will be 12 in a few days.

    Vet checked breeding sound, took first try, carried like a textbook, foaled on her own terms despite the millions of tests, healthy colt, FABULOUS mother, it has all gone well thus far. She and I are quite bonded, and it has only increased with the baby around as she looks to me to be the second guardian .

    Like you, I just wanted a piece of her, and I was not a COTH reader until after she was bred so my risk scares came too late, though I don't take our good fortune lightly, and have decided not to re-breed her just yet so as to not push our luck. Maybe next year since I'm still safe guarding my BFD frozen :-)

    I like your idea to ride a few more years though. Good luck either way!

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    With how you describe it I would do an ET, but sooner rather than later. Save up aggressively and go for it (assuming you have an awesome repo-vet and understand the potential negatives of an ET, etc.). What I'm saying is I wouldn't wait until she is 15, because you are looking at about 4 years of waiting on that foal (if you start horses in their three year old year). Unless you have other horses to ride while you wait for baby to grow.

    Your safest bet, of course, is to look for similar bloodlines and buy something on the ground.

    I'm pretty sure my filly's mom was 13 when she was bred for the first time.

    Like someone said, if nothing else, get a reproductive exam done and maybe you will find something that makes all this wondering a non-issue.
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    10 is not too old. 16 plus is dicey. 95% of the time foalings go fine. Decide if you are willing to take the 5% risk that things could go wrong.

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