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    Listen to NPR daily
    Watch my local ABC station or NBC for both local/national
    Read my local newspapers
    Check headlines online occasionally-- I detest online news "sources". I find them incomplete and often full of errors (both factual and grammatical), just as bad as TV news--you shouldn't have to fact check the "news", but I find myself doing that when I read something online.
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    Forgot to add - I also appreciate the work Ben Swann does

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    On TV? CSPAN. Yes it's boring, but you can see what is happening for yourself. I also enjoy the documentaries shown on Frontline and Independent Lens.

    I don't listen to much news radio anymore. NPR has lost a lot of credibility.

    I like reading The Guardian and Al Jazeera. We have a subscription to The Week, which provides a nice overview of everything going on. The Economist is very good, although I do not currently have a subscription. Wired has some great articles as well. is an excellent website.

    I like the Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Rolling Stone for news-tainment.

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    I listen to NPR daily. And I'm lucky enough to have two, sometimes three, stations to choose from (WBUR, WGBH, and NHPR if I'm close enough to New Hampshire.) I happen to like my news civilized and thoughtful. This doesn't mean NPR is perfect (see above reference to Wall Street).

    For big local stories -- like what happened in Boston last week -- *especially* if they get picked up by the national media, the local NPR channels and the Boston Globe website give far better info. Last week, a lot of us locals were trying to get our friends in other places to ignore the major networks, Fox, etc.

    For world news and analysis, I'm a big fan of the weekly magazine _The Economist_. They're a bit to the right of where I am, but I know that ahead of time. Lots to learn there.

    I've been getting a daily paper since I went out on my own in 1989, but am starting to question whether it's worth continuing with. The Boston Globe is quite good, but it's become a bit more sloppy, and there is less actual news content.
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    One of my favorites is Newsvine. Because the articles are seeded by members, I see articles that I would probably never see otherwise.

    Remember, even online newspapers are now sorting their news by algorithm to push articles that you are most likely to click on. So whether you're looking for it or not, most internet news you read does end up being partisan.
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    Ditto what Quietann said about NPR. They're my primary source, though often they have me gnashing my teeth before I get out of bed in the morning. I do read the Sunday NY Times, but sometimes need the Wall Street Journal for balance, because some days the Times' pessimism is enough to make you feel guilty for just being alive.

    Often, when something really big is breaking, believe it or not I go to BBC World. They actually had more accurate and far better coverage of the Newtown shooting tragedy as it played out than any of our more local sources.
    I killed my TV in 2007; could no longer stand "content," ads, voyeuristic "news."

    The worst: Yahoo news. Aptly named.

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    Huffington Post
    Google news feed where I look at articles being covered in all sorts of angles.
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    The Onion. At least they have no pretenses about whether or not their news is real.
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    If I want to know what's going on in the world:
    NPR (NHPR and MPBN)
    Le Monde, Le Point and other French sources (online)
    The Herald Tribune

    If I want to know what's going in the US (i.e, mostly, the weather in my area!)
    Any News broadcast on US TV. (They're really all the same to me).
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    BBC World News for actual news headlines. Sometimes I fall asleep to HLN since it's boring and repetitive.

    I also watch The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Bill Maher. Those are obviously not my main news sources though
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