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    Nov. 8, 2012

    Default dark-black coated manure.

    Hello, I am interested in the answer to this as I have heard many things before.

    Today when my horse was brought in, I noticed his manure that he freshly produced was very dark colored almost black looking. and quite small formed balls.

    I brought my horse out to brush him and went back to pick it out of his stall.

    When one "ball" fell on the ground off the pick and i picked it up with my hand (ok, us horse people aren't afraid to pick up our own horses poo barehanded.)

    lucky I did. As I noticed that the Dark-almost black coating formed a lacquer that was actually dried and crunchy/crackly on the outside of the poop. the inside was like normal GREEN manure.

    I was just wondering if this was a sign of something?

    I've heard dark manure could be a sign of ulcers...but since it wasn't dark all the way through I doubt that is it.

    I've also heard that mucous covered manure is a sign of dehydration or GI upset.

    what do you all think?

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    Jan. 16, 2002
    West Coast of Michigan


    Some drugs and supplements (particularly those containing iron) can cause black stools. So can Pepto Bismol, which is used (incorrectly) as a "stomach buffer". Actual blood in the stool, to be BLACK, has to come from the upper GI tract (stomach or small intestine, usually stomach) and is not dark but B-L-A-C-K and it would not just be the surface.

    Any recent feed or supplement changes?

    I'd probably just wait and see, if that was the only thing you noticed.
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    May. 21, 2012


    I think your grass just started growing.

    My horse's manure just did a dramatic color/texture change when they began to graze more and eat less hay.

    If it was any other time of year I would think it might be something else- but I think that is typical for this time of year.

    PS- as for touching poop- I worked for a man who once delivered one of his thorobreds to a trainer and the horse kicked some manure into the hinge of the trailer ramp unloading. The staff stablehand just swiped it out with his hand- (rather than wasting time/energy to go look for a broom) and the fancypants owner almost fainted at the thought of it. Many people are totally creeped out by the thought of touching manure- what I think is funny is that they don't think twice about it if that very same manure is attached to a horse's coat when they approach it to groom.

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    Feb. 1, 2012


    I just noticed this with my mare's poop as well.
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    Apr. 15, 2010


    Before I even opened the thread I said, spring grass....

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