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    When I first moved to Colorado and was house hunting, you could easily tell the age of the bathroom plumbing, because the new, low-water use toilets all had plungers sitting next to them in the pictures. Having to flush a bunch of times is not saving water at all, and is so frustrating. There was a very large smuggling operation in regular toilets via Canada, at least at that time, because plumbers could only install the low flow ones, and people hated them.
    You can't fix stupid-Ron White

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    Jul. 3, 2012


    You have made cussing an art form! I applaud you!
    Ride like you mean it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twotrudoc View Post
    Yeah, I'm over it

    But, I still love my little place. But I'm gonna hunt down that builder.
    Oh, dear - so glad you're self-sufficient, TwoTrue - but I wonder if that builder has any $$$ left considering how things were left in your place. Betcha others have gone after him first!
    Being right half the time beats being half-right all the time. Malcolm Forbes

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    Quote Originally Posted by twotrudoc View Post
    That is when I see red. MY FAUCET IS JACKED UP

    I scream and yell and stomp off for a drill, hammer, and various other things I grabbed (too mad to remember). I Google "Delta shower faucet no damn hot water". No joke, it comes up with things, try it. I turn off the water and take after the faucet like a fat plumber on crack. I am cussing the builder and grunting in sheer anger. I am going to the City and finding who built this home, that guy is gonna cry when I am done!

    I end up putting it on backwards, tightening it back up, turn back on the water and VOILA! Hot water.

    Fargin iceburg son of a biscuit eater mother trucker fudgesicle eating asshat jackhammer.
    Oh my gosh, I can see myself doing just the same thing. Wait -- I HAVE done just about the same thing, only with much more vivid and less family-friendly language. I have one "special" four-word cuss string that will blast out of my mouth when my mind shorts out with total outraged frustration.

    Friends of mine have lived in two different newer houses (built less than 5 years ago) in the past couple of years, and so many things are jacked up in them. They were both in neighborhoods built hastily with big price tags to take advantage of the peak of the housing boom, and systematic things were breaking down in them that you'd expect to happen after 20 or 30 years in a house built in prior decades (electrical, plumbing, roof leaking, etc.). Sad but true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluey View Post
    Local electrician put an overhead motion light high up in the barn.
    Would you assume he tested it?
    We do, with a glove or tape or something over the magic eye opening.

    Night comes, light doesn't work.
    Electrician sends a different fellow and the first one had forgotten to take the little protection cover off the magic eye opening.

    I expect he won't live that one down for long time.
    Bluey, I've been watching a batch of youtube airline disasters lately. People DIED because some mechanic forgot to take the tape off certain exterior instrument ports after washing the plane or some such thing. None of the instruments would read and the pilots drove the thing right into the ocean in the dark.
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    You're probably right CVPeg but what they heck, I'll try anyway

    The roof, insullation, etc., all came out fine in the home inspection and also the appraisal so I hope I get a little break now LOL!!
    The Knotted Pony

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