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    Apr. 26, 2000

    Default Trade Secrets of the Mole Killers???

    So last year I treated for grubs using the milky spores...great success - impossible to find the little buggers anywhere, much to the disappointment of the chickens.

    Last year, we had no trouble from moles but given the pre-treatment grub population, I would have thought so.

    This year...moles everywhere. They are tunneling in and around the chicken house, along one of the herb gardens and other places. Then today, one of my newly planted Cherokee Purple tomato plants was pulled down into a mole tunnel (discovered upon excavation). I felt like I was stuck in some scene from Caddyshack!

    I have now declared war on these fools! Problem is, I need to do something that doesn't involve poisons. And I tried to get some traps but the fellas at the local feed and hardware stores tell me these things are protected in NC??? wth?

    Someone please give me some non-poisonous ideas on how to get rid of these things. I've done Internet searches and come up with some involved sitting in a lawn chair with 2 shovels, a hammer, and a cooler of cold beer...yep, sounds helpful, doesn't it?

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    Jul. 2, 2003
    Woodland, Ca


    Can you get the gopher smoke bomb things? If not get some cholrine tablets or granuals or tablets, some ammonia, a funnel and a peice of hose (two funnels and hoses if you are using granuals). First get the clorine down the hole. (The reason for the two hoses and funnels mostly being one wet and one dry). Next pour about a cup of ammonia in there.... It will smoke. Cover up the hole and don't breathe the gas! It won't kill you outright, but it will make you dizzy and if you were in a closed up space with it it would or could kill you... it will kill rodents in their dens. If you feel dizzy go somewhere with fresh air.

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    Nov. 23, 2001
    Catharpin, Virginia


    I had the same problem in all of my gardens around the house.

    I purchased a couple of vibrasonic "Mole Chasers" online and they actually work very well. The brand is P3 International.

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