"To ensure that the same number of nations can qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games, it is proposed that all three Olympic disciplines should be aligned, so that teams in each discipline would include a maximum of four riders with the three best scores to count. This would mean a reduction from five riders to four in Eventing; and an increase from three riders to four in Dressage, and allow for the introduction of one reserve horse per team for Eventing to bring it into line with the other two disciplines.
Under the proposed quota shift, Jumping remains at 75 starters, while Eventing drops to 65 (from 75 in 2012) to allow Dressage numbers to increase to 60 (from 50). It was highlighted that the simulation of the new quota distribution for Eventing, based on the 2012 Olympic Games figures, would not have altered the number of qualified nations. The British National Federation expressed its concern about the reduction of team members for Eventing, but understood why the proposal had been made.
Consensus on the quota shift was reached and will now be brought to the IOC. There is more time to finalise the proposal for specific qualification systems before it is submitted to the FEI General Assembly in November, and stakeholders were urged to continue the debate on the dedicated Online Platform."