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    Default The muddy strip by run-in entrance/lean-to

    You know that area by the entrance of a run-in shed, or the edge of a lean-to off the side of the barn. The place where the solid foundation (if you have one) within the shelter meets real earth and is forever muddy (except for July-August) while everywhere else is dry?

    What's the best way to combat this? Scrape it away? Put stone or something on top?


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    I lay rubber mats in doorways, gate ways, so the constant horse traffic doesn't keep that edge or walkway churned up with sharp hooves using it. I would suggest you lay stone dust or small crushed stone, to make a drainage base, then put the rubber mat on top. The raised stone will help prevent a depression forming under the daily stepping in that exact area all the time.

    If you are talking the drip edge width, then gutters help best or adding stone along the building. If you lower the dirt by scraping up close to the building, the water will pool, then work it's way under the edge for moisture problems. Digging the entire edge out, then putting in drain tile tubing to catch the water, crushed stone or pea stone ( I don't like pea stone by horses so I would use the crushed stuff) covering the tile. The tile will then lead water away from building if properly ditched. Tiling is the BEST method, but it is work and time consuming. The building edges will dry much faster with good drainage.

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    Feb. 13, 2011


    Thanks for the ideas, I like the thought of adding some stone to solidify the ground a bit, then putting some rubber matting over the top to hold it in place and keep it from getting churned up. Excellent idea!

    We do have gutters. And we also have drainage. The gutters drain into a big pipe that runs the length of the barn underground, the water is taken to the edge of the property and exits into a field. The pipe underground is also connected to a drain that meets the surface at the edge of the paddock. The water needs to follow a path through this mushy area to get to the drain. Not ideal but just the way it is. Digging out the buildup makes things drain faster, but I think sone for drainage under some rubber matting (the kind with holes) would work too.

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