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    Jul. 14, 2003


    I think that well meaning dressage folks are also susceptible to being conned by those snake oil salesmen. In the end, it is the NH hucksters who seem to gain more in the end.
    "Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain" ~Friedrich Schiller

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    Wow. I will be interested to follow the series....
    Enough with the drama!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelico View Post
    I used to like Monty. When he was just a couple of books. But when he became, "my way or the highway" and started that "university" I jumped off the wagon.

    Still beats PP.
    If you strip away the BS and drama from Monty there is a core of valuable work, there.

    Concur on the PP observation.

    Mangalarga Marchador: Uma Raça, Uma Paixão

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    You know there are trainers out there producing international/national quality horses in the western world... Why not link up with them? Trainers who actually HAVE horses being exported and who actually HAVE produced competative horses with good sound minds and training above circle jerking.

    They could actually discuss training methods and give eachother thoughts about a fresh way to look at things when manipulating a horses body to maneuver.

    Because they are not a talking head?

    How would dressage trainers feel if everyone went from western to ask about dressage from some of our own "touchy feely" trainers who have done nothing but sell dvds and then took THAT as our discipline at its finest? Completely ignoring the people with actual success!

    I think this perpetuates ignorance more than anything.

    No one in the western world is using Mony Roberts for training past their first day.
    ~~Member of the TB's Rule Clique ~~

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    I got scared when Monty Roberts started advertising himself as a doctor, or PhD in psychology or somesuch. It turns out University of Chernobyl or someplace gave him an honorary degree.

    I am off to order my sock coloring kit from Parelli now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyzteke View Post
    I just wish one of these guys would partner with (IMHO) I consider the best of the best -- Buck Brannaman.

    Bettina Drummond and Martin Black have spent some time together.

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