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    Default How much canned cat food per day?

    I'm switching my female kitty to all canned food, I'd like to have some more weight on her.

    She LOVES canned food. I've been feeding her one 5.5oz can per day in 3 feedings. Right now I have friskies, blue wilderness, authority, weruva, and Merrick Before Grain in the cabinet.

    Does it HAVE to be grain free? I'd like this to be affordable.

    Luckily my Siamese will not eat any canned food at all so he's on Merrick Before Grain dry food. He gets 1/2 cup per day.

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    It's all about the calories Different canned food has different calorie levels, so while one 5.5 oz can might be enough for weight gain, another 5.5 oz can might not be.

    Here's a good calorie chart for the meows: http://animalmedicalcenterofchicago....ntsForCats.pdf

    And does it HAVE to be grain free? Well, ideally, yes. Cats are obligate carnivores and really have no use for anything but meat.

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    mine get about 5.5 oz per day, I split it between 2 cats and two feedings. I feed Friskies, because they eat it and I don't have to run across town to that other store. Shredded, chunks and flakes only, no pate.
    I wish #3 would eat canned as well, but she thinks it's poison....she has dry out most of the day, from which the others nibble when they get hungry.

    As to 'grain free' I leave it to the others to talk about that.
    (but I have been thinking: Mice eat grain, so when cat eats mouse, cat eats grain?)
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    Grain wont kill your cat. Grain free is best, but minimal grain (some fancy feasts, friskies etc.) are generally fine for most cats.

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    I have two girls, both probably around 10 yrs old. 10 lbs and 8 lbs respectively They are given a total of 3 small cans (think Fancy Feast size) per day. One can, two bowls, x3. This seems to work well; they don't always eat every morsel so their intake is a bit less than what is served. Dry food available but they only munch on that fact I hear one in there now.
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