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    Thanks to everyone for your suggestions.

    We pulled the mare off grain (she was getting just a handful twice a day) and put her on just alfalfa cubes for her breakfast/lunch. Haven't had the chance to powerpac yet as we are waiting for the rest of barn to be ready for their deworming (about a week away).

    Huge difference in just a week of alfalfa cubes.

    Belly is down and not so pregnant looking anymore; mare is much more comfortable and happy. No gas. No pawing. By my estimate about 2 inches less bloating on each side of the belly. I didn't initially co-relate my joking that we bought a pregnant horse with her health issues.. but now that she's been off the grain for about a week I'm thinking that is what we were dealing with. Something wasn't digesting properly and she now looks happy and comfortable.

    I am thinking that she had an intolerance/allergy to something in the grain. Soy?? LOL. How is that for a train wreck of a thread??

    Anyways, whatever it is - she is a much happier horse without it. Fingers crossed that between the food change & the eventual powerpac we have figured it out.

    Thanks again to everyone for their thoughts and suggestions. I feel like we've turned a new leaf and am hoping that this is the change we were looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Equibrit View Post

    "FACT :
    Most of the horses affected by encysted small strongyles have been
    dewormed regularly. This is because the encysted small strongyles are able to
    evade the effects of most dewormers. At any given time, a horse may have a
    mixed population of encysted larvae and adult small strongyles in the gut
    with as much as 75 percent of the encysted larvae existing as early-thirdstage
    larvae (EL3)."

    Download the brochure here;
    GRR is a Power Pack site that 1) doesn't recognize the pp resistance issue, and 2) of course recommends a PP over using moxidectin and 3) doesn't discuss the ulcer/colic issue that does and can occur due to its mechanism of killing encysted stages and 4) doesn't even discuss moxidectin as a (often) better alternative to a PP.

    A horse who has regular FECs (at least twice a year) and is dewormed with moxdectin and/or ivermectin at least twice a year, especially if mox is there at least once, just isn't going to have a significant encysted problem. Just can't - they never have a large enough load of any strongyles to cause a problem, no matter the stage
    The CoTH CYA - please consult w/your veterinarian under any and all circumstances. - ET

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    Quote Originally Posted by judybigredpony View Post
    I buy it by the liquid Liter and 23 CC doses a 1000 lb horse...from website...I rotation de worm chain drag all my pasture and paddocks and Power Pak every late March early April.....if it ain't broke don't fix it...and it works for me...Yes Vineyard some still use Fenbendazol for Ulcers way more cost effective..1 Liter runs $112.00
    We also do quest w/ Pronz 1 x year and Ivermection as well as Strongid in rotation.
    23cc(ml) for a 1000lb horse is SINGLE dose of fenbendazole - 2.3mL/100lb. That does not do a lot for adult strongyles, and *never* killed encysted strongyles. It does not belong in any rotation unless and until you prove, through a high enough FEC and a subsequent FECRT showing at least 85/90% reduction, that it works well enough.

    A Power Pack is 4.6mL/100lb every day for 5 days.
    The CoTH CYA - please consult w/your veterinarian under any and all circumstances. - ET

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