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    Default Julie Goodnight Circle Y Teton Flex2 saddle - reviews

    Just wondering if anyone has this saddle (the one in the subject line) what are your thoughts? Worth the $1800 price?


    I'm also looking at Billy Cook Trail Saddle #1855 for $1200

    Crates lite Ladies trail saddle 2120 equifit tree for $1500

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    Just got a Julie Goodnight Monarch Arena Performance saddle and looooove it! It's really just a fancy trail saddle. It is so comfortable and I showed in it at a local show the third time I used it. I'm a small woman and they put shorter custom fenders on it for me. I could ride all day in this saddle comfortably. I feel balanced and close to my horse. It was a gift, but worth every penny spent! Here's a link:

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    I know this is a bit of an older thread but hoping you ^ will answer....
    I am looking at this exact saddle and I am glad to hear that you live it!
    I am 5'4" and my inseam crotch to ankle bone is 28", to the best of your knowledge, would in need short fenders or would the ones that come standard work?
    So confused on saddles right now. I just want a very comfy one to trail ride.
    I am used to a nice cushy comfy CWD English saddle and also have a bad left knee (severed ACL) that I have no plans to surgically repair. I need something that will not stress my knee too much especially before the stirrup fenders break in and turn....
    I really like the way this saddle seems to be and like the reviews I have read thus far!

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