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    Honestly, for a horse that kind of sore (and I think it is just overall body soreness) it can take a month if not longer to resolve. That is why a vetting during this time can be so darn difficult.

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    I agree...I think you are looking at least a month or two let down for him. But a vet could look at him and tell you the basics. That's why having a vet used to race horses can really help.
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    I agree that he is moving tight/short. I like his basic conformation- it almost looks like he might be uphill- but he also looks like he might be a bit straight in the shoulder. That would contribute to moving a bit short. I don't do racehorses though, and I'm not professional, but nobody said anything about his shoulder so I thought I'd throw it out there. Maybe I'm just crazy, but it seems like if his rear end is sore he'd still be moving out a bit better in front. Then again, if I went and ran a mile right now you'd better believe I would be sore tomorrow!

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    Default I'll play

    The horse is very sore, behind, I'm seeing stifles, and in front, he seems footsore at the very least.

    It didn't improve on grass either.

    I don't care if he raced last night or two hours ago, he shouldn't move like that. But if he's that sore, especially behind, then he isn't going to break well, that's for sure. If he's only raced that few times, he either doesn't want to put his head in front (and a move up to 2nd means that isn't it) or he just won't stay sound enough to run.

    If he won't stay sound enough to race, he won't stay sound enough to event.

    That said, he has a heck of an overstep at the walk, love that. Love the long neck and really like the way he's put together, my type of horse.

    He may or may not, rest out of his problems. Get a good vet, preferably one who deals with race horses at the track. If he wouldn't vet sound to race, or won't rest sound to race, unless he's damn near free and you have lots of time and turn out, take a pass.

    Love the attitude too.

    If you have time and turn out, and he isn't more than 1K and he's as sweet as he looks, I'd take a chance.

    If he is going to burn up your future event horse budget if he doesn't come sound, take a pass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndyrgal View Post

    If you have time and turn out, and he isn't more than 1K and he's as sweet as he looks, I'd take a chance.

    If he is going to burn up your future event horse budget if he doesn't come sound, take a pass.
    After much discussion with my trainer I have decided to pass, for exactly the reason that if he doesn't work out I've put time and money into him that takes away from future event horse budget. She doesn't think that I should risk getting that money back out of him on a resale. It kills me to do it, what a sweetheart!

    While he's only 1k, I do have to pay board. Unfortunately my backyard isn't big enough.

    I guess PM me if anyone wants details on him

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    He seems seriously sore in front! He is a tad bit better on grass. Anyone investing in him would be wise to have some really good radiographs done first.

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