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    Nov. 20, 2008

    Default New website-UPDATE!!

    A few months ago I posted about my new website asking for opinions and ideas. I want to thank everyone who responded and I have tried as best as I could to make the suggested changes.

    I think the problem with the images taking forever to upload has been somewhat resolved. I resized all the pictures that I could from my computer before uploading them to the website(some I can't find on my computer that are on the website so I wasn't able to resize those pictures).

    Anyone who had written about that problem before-could you let me know if it has improved?

    I was also able to make available downloads from the Training and Competition page for anyone that is interested in my pre competition checklists.

    I've added more content including making your own jumps to the Step by Step section.

    I'm very excited about my website and appreciate any and all comments/feedback, as well as suggested topics.


    ETA-I've also added a Facebook page where I will post updates on new additions to the website. There is a link on the website that goes to the FB page.

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    Aug. 30, 2007
    Sunny Florida


    Wow, Michele! What a great website! Very concise directions and pictures. You've done an awesome job !
    "I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you..."

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    Nov. 20, 2008


    Thank you!!

    I still have lots more to go but I am really enjoying doing this!

    Not sure if I should post this because it's pretty embarassing but I thought I should explain why my hands look so mangled in some of the pictures...

    I was taking pictures of building jumps, so I actually had to construct some standards while photographing the steps. I was having a really difficult time trying to drill the holes in the standards. I bought new spade drill bits, the kind that are supposed to drill 3X faster and it was still taking forever to drill the holes. I even ripped a piece of skin on my hand from holding the drill so hard. The drill was an electric one, so it wasn't like it was low on batteries or anything. Finally, out of desparation, I tried my husbands fancy battery powered drill and used the new super duper 3X faster spade bit. It went through the wood like butter.

    When my husband gets home I give him a ration of crap for giving me the lousy drill. He looks at me and asks "did you have the drill on forward or reverse?"

    Where's the red faced really embarassed icon when you need it?

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    Apr. 14, 2001


    Pictures loaded very quickly for me. I'm on cable internet. Nice info!

    For any pictures that you can't find on your computer that you'd like to resize on the site, just download them from the site. Right click and "save picture as" then resize and reupload.

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