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    Default Shipping Saddle from US to Canada - Options These Days?

    I have an inquiry on a saddle that I have for sale (I'm in US) and they are in Canada. I did a search here and the threads that come up are from a while back and now USPS has changed the services it offers (no more Parcel Post) -- so anyone shipped US to Canada lately and have any recommendations? Seems that folks were suggesting USPS back then but not sure that is the case now. I did some quick rate checks with the big 3 (USPS, UPS, and Fedex) but want to make sure I'm capturing all the costs like if they might get hit with more fees on their end. The saddle was made in Canada, so would be going "home," if that makes a difference.

    Thanks all!

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    I had 2 CWD saddles shipped from California (I'm in Canada), one which I shipped back. All shipments were done UPS. It cost about $120 to ship it back to California from my end, and while the first saddle I received had no extra fees and they just left on my front step, the second one had about $40-50 brokerage fee if I recall correctly. Hope that helps!

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    I have had saddles shipped to me UPS and through the postal service recently. UPS was about $90 shipping, and $90 duty (although that is based in part of the value of the saddle).

    The other saddle that shipped through the postal service was about $60 to ship, but about the same in duty. That seller paid the duty up front though, so apparently that is possible, and I much preferred that option.

    Do you need any more details?
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    Thanks for responding! Looking at USPS, they will only insure it up to $675, while UPS will allow me to insure the full amount (much more). I'm going to let the buyer know options and see what she wants to do. My poor saddle, came out of Canada to a leisurely life with me, now headed back to its home country and back to work. Hopefully, I should say...not a done deal yet!

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    UPS and Fed Ex will charge a brokerage fee on top of the shipping fee, which is why I avoid using them unless absolutely necessary. I use USPS. So when you get a quote from UPS for the saddle make sure you ask how much that fee will be. I once was charged $30 for a SKIRT. Someone from the US sent us a small kitchen appliance as a wedding gift and it arrived at our front door with a $60 brokerage fee owed. So it's well worth asking about it!

    If the saddle was made in Canada it should have no duty, just sales tax.

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