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    Nov. 8, 2012

    Default clip horses hair over area where putting surpass?

    is it best to clip the hair over the area were applying surpass? or does it even make a difference?

    on the package it doesn't mention anything about clipping the area.

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    Aug. 2, 2004
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    It's pretty runny, so I think it would go right through the hair. It goes through DH's hair ().

    Seriously, yes, it should be fine to apply right to the area, sans clip.
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    Oct. 10, 2007
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    I clip them when they have a winter coat on where I put it. But in the summer usually not i just rub it in very well.
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    Apr. 14, 2001


    You don't have to, but I always kept the area clipped when I was using it. I felt more made it down to the skin if I did.

    Although if it was a spot that would look really odd if clipped, I'd likely just go over the hair. I used it on a fetlock, so just kept the legs clipped to the knee/hock.

    Really comes down to your preference.

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