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    Default Travel thread taken seriously!

    I just finished an Everest Base Camp trek
    It was an amazing experience, definitely a bucket list item. Our group spent 3 nights in base camp itself, and it's really cook to camp on a moving glacier as it creaks under your tent. Or to sit outside the mess tent, lightly dressed because once the sun comes up it's quite comfortable, and watch avalanches come off Nuptse or the Lho La pass.

    All the lodges we stayed in were decent, but I didn't count on the sleeping rooms not being heated! The trekking lodges heat the main/eating room, and when you get to your room your breath is misting the air The warm water bowls for washing each morning were very welcome.

    Our guide warned us all to be "vegetarians in the Khumbu" because of lack of refrigerations and of how the meat is handled (we saw raw chicken sitting out on flat pans in stores for long periods of time, and hunks of meat being dropped on the ground, so we had no problem with that), but it's amazing how carb-carb-carb the diet was. Excepting liquidy dal (it's like a soup there, not thick at all) and eggs for breakfast, lodge meals were often rice with a side a pasta with a side of "vegetable curry" which was mostly potato. And we all shovelled it in, 2-3-4 servings of it. And everyone on the trek lost weight

    I managed to try the Sherpa tea (made with milk, butter and salt), and it was pretty delicious. reminded me vaguely of wheat germ milk tea, but...fattier. And saltier. I'm guessing the wheat germiness comes from the nak milk/butter, whatever it's pastured on.
    No one else in my group wanted to try it, alas

    While Everest's summit can't be seen from BC because of the West Shoulder, I did climb Kalapathar for a good view. That was...ummmm...painful. The wind tried to kill us us there.
    (And "up there" is sad, given that Kalapathar sits in front of Pumori and looks like a little dirt heap in comparison).

    On the second-last day of the trek I did something funky to my knee, probably because we tended to descend far too fast, so I skipped the Namche-Lukla leg of the trek in favor of a 10 min helo flight. Only 10 min! While my group took 8-11 hrs to trek it.

    Today we arrived back in Kathmandu, and have another full day here tomorrow. I think I'll try visiting the Swayambhunath temple at dawn

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    Oh my god!!! That is so awesome! I am so incredibly jealous! What an awesome trip. Hope you took lots and lots of pictures. And good for you for trying the local stuff....I think that's one of the biggest (and coolest) parts of traveling.

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    What no pictures??

    But other then that so insanely jealous! It is on my list as well to do. I had a friend do the similar trip late last year and she still hasn't posted pics either! lol

    Hope you have a great rest of your trip!


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    That's fantastic! I bet the scenery is just incredible!
    "When life gives you scurvy, make lemonade."

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