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    Nov. 15, 2007

    Default Shout Out to JEFFERS EQUINE!

    Back in January when I was getting spring fever and thinking about my daughter's upcoming shows, I ordered an inexpensive Lancers bridle from Jeffers for $50. The reviews said it was nice quality, and when it came, it was! The horse is a 15 H QH with a petite head and he was previously wearing a pony sized bridle inherited from my 14 H Arab, so I ordered a cob size in the Lancers. It looked great when it arrived, I held it up to his old bridle and it seemed good, so I put it away and waited for spring. DUMB. Spring took forever, and when I finally got it on him it was WAY too small. Not last hole on each side small but can't get the noseband fastened small. I phoned Jeffers, even though it was well past their return period and I had thrown out the tags. While I was talking to the rep, I looked on the website and to add insult to injury the bridle had been marked down by half for clearance! I thought I was SOL.

    Couldn't have been more mistaken. Not only did they take the Cob bridle as a return, but they credited me for the full $50 I paid, sent me the replacement full sized bridle at the clearance price, AND sent a postage paid sticker to return the cob bridle.

    I'm flabbergasted. I didn't think customer service like that existed anymore. Jeffers has my undying devotion, and if anyone's looking for a nice, quality schooling bridle, check out the Lancer's before they're sold! But note that they run small....

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    Jun. 24, 2004
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    Feb. 24, 2010


    Don't forget JeffersLivestock, which has some things for horses not found at Jeffersequine. I hunted for a water heater for months after my friend told me she bought the one she let me use from Jeffers. Finally I checked jefferslivestock, and found it there.

    Jefferspet for dogs and cats is great also.

    I buy a lot of things from Jeffers. Always had good service and fast shipping. Although if you want faster than the website, calling in an order will get it delivered a day earlier.

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    Jun. 27, 2005


    Jeffers has always been great to deal with.

    And I agree to check out their other species' sections.

    Years ago the Toxiban was only listed in their dog section.
    Last I checked though, they did also have it available in their equine section.

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    Oct. 6, 2002
    Philadelphia PA


    I've had a lot of positive experiences with Jeffers. Good peeps.
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    Apr. 8, 2005


    While I've never had an experience that awesome, they have always been a great company to deal with for me.

    And hey, they're getting lots of positive exposure from what may have cost them $30 or so. CoTH is a mighty busy site!

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    I've always liked Jeffers too. They're pretty much my first go-to site when I'm looking for something.
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    Jul. 27, 2011
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    I've been ordering from Jeffers for decades. Once I had a problem with an order (I think it got damaged by UPS or something, don't remember exactly), and was put on hold with customer service for a moment. Next thing I know, Mr. Jeffers himself, the owner and founder, was on the line. Not sure if it was because I had been on hold over a certain amount of time, or he just wanted to help CS, but he got me fixed up with a replacement in a jiffy. Extremely nice, polite man; endeared me to the company forever. And I love talking to the people who answer when you call to place an order. They're so personable and will really take the time to help you; because of this, I very rarely place an order over the web.

    When your CEO personally helps answer the phones, it shows your commitment to the company! (Mr Jeffers passed away a few years ago though, sadly)

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    Jan. 29, 2008


    I order from Jeffers all the time. Great service, great low prices, especially on dewormers and first aid supplies. I always call in my order, and have never had a problem with any of the shipments I have received.
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    Sep. 13, 2002
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    I order from them frequently and never a complaint. The only "blip" was during their big Christmas sale, I ordered one of the specials for the day that sold out immediately, and Jeffers sent me an e-mail telling me it was cancelled as they sold out. Then the next day, I got a shipping confirmation, and a week later, the item was delivered! I was so disappointed, then confused, then happy! So a good "blip" there!

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    Jul. 20, 2007
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    Yep, Jeffers is AWESOME! I order tons from them and have never had a single problem
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    Aug. 3, 2004


    Almost the same thing happened to me last year! February-ish I ordered a new bridle...same brand and same size as my "everyday" bridle so when it came I didn't give it a second thought and put it away until closer to show season. More than 30 days after I got it I put it on her and it was way too small! They exchanged it for me with NO problems....they were awesome!

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    Sep. 2, 2005
    Upstate NY


    Wow, that is great service.

    I was recently shocked by one of their policies.
    Mr. Trub went to order some stuff so he made an account. He used his name, email address and billing information (credit card) (All different than my information).
    His confirmation email said the items were sold to me (my name, not his) but being shipped to him.
    Their software assume that with the same last name, address and phone number it is the same account.

    I sent them an email and got the issue with our accounts straightened out. I do hope they realized that assuming things like that is not a good practice and fixed their software.

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